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Business Plan

Prima di cominciare un progetto, qui a GTM redigiamo un business plan completo assieme a voi in modo da cominciare subito con le idee più chiare possibile.

WHAT IS THE BUSINESS PLAN?2018-09-24T12:29:25+02:00

It is the document that outlines all the main design, budget and time frame features. It defines the objectives, expectations and the path that is intended to be taken. A business plan, drawn up with every part paying particular attention to details, is the first real starting point of our work: following the discussion and the deepening of every aspect, we are ready to start the restructuring or realisation process of your offices and business spaces.

HOW IS IT DRAFTED?2018-09-24T12:28:48+02:00

The business plan takes into account all your planning, budget and timing needs. Made in close contact with you and your collaborators (designers, architects, etc.), the business plan is the document on which the whole work is based. During the initial dialogue we collect all the specific needs, in terms of budget, time and functionality.


The obstacles and misunderstandings that can be encountered in the realisation of such a complex project can be many, so it is essential to have a guide to follow. A business plan has a dual function: on the one hand, it is a map to be traced before setting out; on the other it is a compass to refer to when the journey has already begun.

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